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Lifting Equipment Suppliers Chennai

Lifting Equipment

We are a leading Wholesaler & Trader of Lifting Equipment such as Ratchet Lever Hoists, Pulling and Lifting Machines, Closed Sockets and Manila Rope Pulleys from India.

Ratchet Lever Hoists

Lifting Equipment Manufacturer Chennai

One of the lightest in the world, Made of pressed steel with weldless construction, high tensile forged steel hooks conforming to IS:8610 which rotate and swivel freely, both hooks fitted with safety catches, accurately machined, suitably machined and heat treated for longer life, multiple threaded screws and friction disc type self-actuating load brake ensure complete safety, all Gears are made from special alloy steel, precision machine cut, case hardened and treated for rust prevention.

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Pulling & Lifting Machines

Lifting Equipment Chennai

Offering pulling & lifting machines. ** chack" brand original pulling and lifting machine: - manufactured as per is:5604-1970 for universal gear-less hand operated pulling and lifting machines and also conforms to European federation of mechanical handling classification no. 931. 042 - "chack" is a portable machine with a multitude of uses. With the minimum of effort, all sorts of operation can be performed easily i. E. Pulling, lifting and lowering - any length of rope can be used in a "chack" it is always under the control of your operator.
Lifting and lowering are manually controlled to a fraction of a cm. - the complete unit can be carried and operated by one man and due to its ease of operation, no special skill is required. Owing to the rugged construction of the "chack", little maintenance is needed. A full range of accessories extends the usefulness of the machines